Okay some people know about this but most of you don't. There is a secret ComaBook that travels with us and is kept under lock and key at an undisclosed location. (Some say near a truck stop in Indiana guarded by a whispering horse with fangs). This page is for a small fraction of the more socially acceptable entries to come to light. We'll make sure to weed thru the most offensive stuff and only put up what is legal in the lower 48. We encourage you to send us your take on any of the stories you read here or if you have comments about any of the photos you may or may not be in. We'll gladly add them as an addendum to each entry.

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The Comabook has a section in it with entire passages of conversations we’ve all had carefully reconstructed to the best of our cloudy remembrance. Here are a few:

      6.  Stripper in Detroit:  “You guys in a rockband?  I’m really into    Van Halen”

    21. Mexican guy outside of Burrito House near Dani's to Chrispy at 3am while he's puking behind a dumpster:  "Whas wrong mang? Too much Coronas?"

Chrispy: "Yeah, too much Coronas"

    28. Jay to Chrispy backstage at Logan Square Auditorium:  "The bigger the room, the bigger the hair, man. That's why Robert Smith's shit's like six feet tall."

    38. Lady in Indianapolis to Chrispy and Dan next to van:  “Ya'll don’t look like Evangelicals”

    57. At Jay's house:

Bilty: “Dolan, just bring your friend to the show for her birthday party”

Dolan: “She’s all pregnant though”

Chrispy: “Pregnant chicks love us; it’s what all our songs are about”

Bilty: “The entire Burn to Shine album is about pregnant chicks”

Jay: “Yeah, push her down the stairs… Lights Out”



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Every band needs to aspire for some level of success, Pretty much everyone is familiar with records going gold and platinum but Comasoft decided to scale it down a bit in light of today’s music industry woe’s and the fact that almost no one knows who Comasoft is or cares for that matter.  Anyway that being said, feel free to use this scale to track your own record sales.

Impulsive, The Beautiful Departure, and Burn to Shine have all gone multi-Tin

Coma DJs - Let me explain what happens when the Coma DJs get behind the decks... Greg Corner tells us not to break anything, Adam does all the work and Chrispy and Jay hit the filter sweep button and drink a lot. It's more fun than Christmas.

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Comasoft and Femme Fatality at Wake Up The Dead in St. Louis. Some of the best shows we ever had were with our brothers in Femme. I remember this show being insane and  near rumble erupting on stage at the end of Femme's set.  I also remember 15 or more people packed into the back of Jean Claude' outside before we played. - Photo by: Unknown