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Comasoft is a pop rock band from Chicago with some keyboards and a weakness for the 1980's. Mostly because fuzzy keyboards and Brian Adams riffs should never go out of style and we don't want to live in a world where they are. OUR NEW EP "Burn to Shine" is done, and the video for the single 10Volt is on YouTube. Comasoft is currently booking shows, playing everywhere their 20 year old van will take them and trying to rule the world. Join us in bringing rock-n-roll, general debauchery, and fun back.

The rest of the stuff you already know... Fog and lights and jumping around galore, come get sweaty with us, and bring your sister...


Comasoft's music has been on the following TV programs:
Mtv's: Ten on Top, and The Seven (Atombomb, Never the Same, and One to One)
HGTV's: Design Star (10Volt)
Bravo's upcoming show: Fashion Hunter(10Volt)
Canadian TV show: Degrassi (Put up a Fight)
TLC's: What Not to Wear (10Volt)
NBC's: The Voice - episode 3 of season 1 (10Volt)

Comasoft is friends-with/played/toured with:
Madina Lake
Kill Hannah
Apoptygma Berzerk
The Anix
Femme Fatality
Ghostland Observatory
The Presets
Hawthorne Heights
Breathe Carolina
The Last Vegas
French Horn Rebellion
Panther Style
Dollface Devine
Nothing Still
Greek Fire
The Nearly Deads
The Dreaming
Perfect Kiss

The Scissors

Death Valley High


This list is simply to show how much amazing music there is out there and that these people have been kind enough to hang with us and get weird...

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Jay = Singing and hitting things - @Comajay = Twitter
Chrispy = Bass and Keyboards and using big words - @ChristopherPolinski = Instagram and @ComaChristopher - Twitter
Adam = Guitar and Prada Bags - @AdamSavin = Twitter
Jimmy Con = Keyboards and beats - @winemanstagram

Chris2 = Drums and carrying things
Bilty - Drives the van almost never but does a lot of other things - @xbilx

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